Twitter now lets advertisers sponsor publishers’ Moments

Twitter has added a new advertising product to its lineup. The company announced today it’s offering brands the ability to sponsor Moments – the “Stories”-like feature that includes a series of tweets, often including images, GIFs and video – from select publishers. The first Sponsored Moment is already live, Twitter says, and the feature is now broadly available to all publishers who participate in In-Stream Sponsorships worldwide.

Currently, Bloomberg’s Moment about Davos is being sponsored by Bank of America – the first to publicly launch. However, Twitter says it had been testing the feature before today with select partners.

Sponsored Moments give the advertiser the ability to add a branded cover image to the Moment in question, as well as insert their own brand’s tweets into the Moment’s round-up.

As with other In-Stream Sponsorships, the Moment can also be promoted and targeted towards a specific audience using Twitter’s advertising tools.

Like In-Stream Sponsorships, the goal with the new program is to connect brands one-on-one with partner content in a customized fashion, where there’s “tight alignment” between the advertiser and that content, Twitter says.

“We know that decision-makers and influencers are turning to Twitter to keep up with what’s happening at Davos. Sponsored Moments gives us a great new way to seamlessly join that conversation as it is happening,” said Meredith Verdone, chief marketing officer at Bank of America, said in a statement. “Working with Bloomberg and Twitter helps us bring high-quality, relevant content to an engaged global audience. We’re excited to debut Moments as a key part of our #WEF programming.”

Pricing details and the split were not immediately available, but we’ll update when Twitter responds. (The company, to be fair, may be a little busy today.)

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